Love and Other Things

Weddings, Engagements, and Special Occasions


I am a bit obsessed with love. All kinds of love. In every shape, form, color, age, and even fur. From intimate and whimsical, to wacky and playful, my passion is to create the kind of genuine images of your wildly authentic, messy, and tender love that even years later manage to bring a curve to your lips. I want the people who see your photos to feel you in them. I want them to be able to hear your laughter and feel your warmth. Capturing that connection between you and your loved one(s) is what gives my lungs breath in one moment and takes it away the very next. And that is what I want to give you! 

A photo contains a single line of an even grander tale. But every one of those moments, big and little, are woven together to create your story that will live on long after the camera is packed away and the poses and smiles have wrapped, after those younger years of puppy love on a memorable night have come to a close, after the question has been popped and the knot has been tied, after the dance floor has emptied and the last song has played, after you've kicked off your shoes and the fancy frock and tux have made their way back into the closet, and then after the tiniest hands come into this world to start adventures all their own. These immensely intricate and immeasurable moments will live on for generations to come and should be captured in such a way that you find yourself reaching for them time and time again instead of leaving them forgotten in the maze of files on your computer or in some box on the top shelf of a closet. You're looking for a photographer. I'm looking for a story to tell. Let's see what magic we can make together!

"Live for the moments you can't put into words." - Unknown

** Keep in mind, my camera will always seize the opportunity to tag along for your adventure and anywhere your love takes you locally, nationally, internationally, and well beyond the borders of my home in Memphis, Tennessee. So let's run away together! My passport loves any reason to make an appearance and I always appreciate a stunning change of scenery. The view from my "office" is one of the best parts of my job! **